We love filming, we love being underwater, and we love new challenges. For projects big or small, near the surface or 100ft below…if your production has an underwater component, we have the experience, equipment, and knowledge to deliver the results you’re looking for.

    Here you can find a complete list of our underwater video production services and underwater camera equipment. Please contact us and we can work up a customized quote based on your needs and budget.

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what we do

Underwater DP & Camera Operator

Operation of underwater camera package along with management of the look and feel of your underwater production through use of camera placement, lighting, movement, and camera equipment selection. We have extensive experience with Nauticam and Gates underwater housings along with Canon, Red, Sony, Arri, Z Cam, and Panasonic cameras. Includes prep and wrap of all related equipment on shoot days with any of our equipment packages or outside rental camera of your choice. Open circuit scuba dive equipment for camera operator is included.

Underwater Assistant Camera

Direct assistant for underwater DP or camera operator. Includes setup, prep, cleaning, breakdown, and battery/media maintenance of the underwater camera equipment.  As certified divers we can assist underwater with lighting equipment positioning, camera rigging, underwater comms, video or remote control surface feeds, and other assist roles in addition to performing a dual role as safety/buddy diver for the camera operator. Open circuit scuba dive equipment for assistant camera is included.

Underwater Logistics & Consulting

We have extensive knowledge of underwater locations and dive sites for reefs, shipwrecks, springs, and marine life all along Florida, the Bahamas, and many other Caribbean islands. We have well established working relationships in all of these areas with local underwater talent, charter boats, and captains. We can assist with finding the perfect location and logistical support for your underwater production based on your needs and budget.

Safety Diver

Certified Divemaster and/or Rescue Diver to offer direct support for the dive team during the underwater production. Open circuit scuba dive equipment for the safety diver is included.

Post Production & Editing

With our custom built Apple Mac Pro & PC desktops, we can handle any of your post production needs. We have extensive experience working with all kinds of RAW footage from a variety of cameras and equipment. Whether you need some simple color grading, or a creative and visually engaging final edit for your audience, we have the equipment and expertise to deliver what you’re looking for.


Why Choose Us?

Professional Equipment

We own and operate only the best equipment in the industry. With cameras, underwater housings, cutting edge underwater lenses, surface video feeds, underwater comms, and even options for remote camera control, we have a variety of gear available to bring your underwater production to the next level.

8 Years of Experience

We've been in the industry since 2014 and during that time have worked with a large number of clients filming & diving all over the globe. Our experience and expertise, along with our commitment to delivering you with creative and engaging footage, are the essential tools behind our business and continued success.

Personable, Professional, and Fun

Our philosophy is that this type of profession is all about continued growth, creativity, and teamwork. We love what we do, we're passionate about our work, and all of this translates to the attitude we bring on to your production.


Nauticam NA-R5C Camera Package

This package provides a complete kit for supporting the Canon R5C cinema camera with an underwater housing, lighting, lenses, ports, gearing, and monitor. 


  • Canon R5C Camera – 8K 60P / 4K 120P w/ 12 bit Canon RAW internal recording
  • Nauticam NA-R5C Underwater Housing
  • Keldan 8X Underwater Lighting & Filter Kit
  • Nauticam Water Contact Optics – WACP-1 & SMC-1
  • Canon EF mount Lens Kit: 8-15mm, 28-70mm, 100mm
  • Sigma EF mount Lens Kit: 12-24mm, 18-35mm
  • Laowa 24mm Macro Probe Lens
  • Nauticam optical ports & cinema gearing to support all lenses
  • Zen Underwater tripod
  • SmallHD 502 Bright Monitor with HDMI/SDI conversion for video surface feed support1

Directors Monitor Package

This package provides a direct video feed from the underwater camera to a directors monitor at the surface through the use of 45M(150ft) waterproof SDI cables. See the link here for further details on how this equipment works.


  • Atomos Shinobi 4K 7inch SDI/HDMI Monitor
  • SmallRig Monitor Cage Kit w/ Shade
  • Nauticam 45M SDI surface monitor cable
  • Hollyland Cosmos C1 wireless HDMI/SDI video transmission system
  • V-Mount Battery Kit


This package allows for full  remote control and live view monitoring of a compatible underwater camera/housing from the surface using a laptop or tablet. This is accomplished by routing an ethernet connection from the underwater camera to the surface using Nauticam’s 45M (150ft) ethernet cables. See the link here for more details.
  • Nauticam 45M Ethernet Surface Cable
  • Nauticam Ethernet Internal Cable and Bulkead
  • Macbook Pro Laptop or Tablet


This package allows for direct communication to any of the underwater dive team to any of the production crew at the surface.  This is accomplished using the Ocean Reef full face mask & Mercury GSM Comms unit on the diver and a Ocean Reef M105 Digital transceiver at the surface. In addition, audio can be recorded directly from the M105 Digital Transceiver using any industry standard audio recorder to capture conversation with any dive talent.
  • 1x Ocean Reef Space Extender Full Frame Mask
  • 1x Ocean Reef Mercury GSM Comms Unit
  • 1x Ocean Reef M-105 Digital Transceiver Surface Unit