2017 has been one hell of an Adventure! Feeling very grateful to have spent it pursuing what I love most…exploring new places, capturing beautiful moments from our underwater world, and getting to share some incredible experiences with many old and new friends along the way.

Diving to is more than just a recreational sport, it has a much deeper meaning. To many of us its about adventure, exploring the unknown, and that sense of freedom we feel every time we sink beneath the surface. This short film provides a small glimpse into beauty of our underwater world, and what we as divers love so very much about it.

Locations include the Egypt, Mexico, Philippines, U.S., and the Bahamas.

A very special thanks to Emperor Divers, Everglades Outpost, Aiyanar Resort, Dive Cenotes Mexico, Starfish Dive Charters, and our imaging supporters Nauticam USA, Reef Photo & Video, and Zen Underwater for making this possible.

Music: Thomas Bergersen – Remember Me